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Hi friends! If you want to play something different, crazy then must try high 5. Here I am not telling about any emoji, youtube video or song. It’s my favorite slot named as high 5 in the world of 1200 casino games. There are so many options to play this game; you can download this game on your android e phone from Google Play, on your iPhone, iPad, pc or laptop. I have been playing this app from last 3 years and high 5 used to be my all-time favorite game. I love the variety of this game provided by so many apps. You can also play this game by using facebook id and these games are highest rated on facebook with more than 5 million downloads. It has unique style with artistic charm and graphics so that it’s one of the most appreciated platforms in the world of online casino. This game offers so many bonuses, scatter pays, secondary bonus elements, combination of features for making a unique experience with high 5 game player. The software of this game is so simple and straightforward with distinct and dynamic style.

You can sign up on this game and will be issued free coins to play and win more exciting prizes, you can credited by more free credits after every four hours because these high 5 slots are free and accessible via social media login. This online pokie game includes so many features like smooth gameplay, classical soundtrack, the most important 15000 jackpot from a 3 coin bet, 1-Bar,2-Bar,3-Bar, Lucky 7s, cherries,Bar-7s.The  high 5 logo is the wild symbol. Paly up to max of 3 coins, play more coins and win high payouts. If you want to start your awesome gaming experience then must read this review and play this interesting game with or without downloading.