Spending Some Time with Thunderstruck Slot Machines

If you will ask any normal persons about AC/DC then they will tell you about the electric currents flowing in the wires while if you will ask the same to a music lover of 1990’s then they identify it as a very famous rock group. Whose album The Razors Edge become so much famous and one song of this one become so much famous that you will find some persons singing on the roads. They do many live shows and become too much famous of that time. Today also you can find many concert videos of it on YouTube. Angus Young who were in the band for playing guitar as a leader become very famous after it. In 2012, a movie with a same name was also released by starring a lead basketball player and many other fine actors. They become too much famous in their respective industry. But I am not going to talk about any of such thing. Because you are here to get information about casinos and I don’t want that you will start feeling bored by all of these. That will be like you ride the battleship to fight with enemies and you are landed at a no man’s land. So, let’s get back to the main topic.

One day I was hearing some songs over the FM and then a song started playing which was very good. By the lyrics, I searched about the song and I found that the name of the song was Thunderstruck. I searched for the download link and got it on my phone. While I clicked the link an extra window was opened with it. That was of a casino game. After starting the downloading, I started getting info about it. I love online gambling that’s why I decided to play it. I was a regular player on multiple sites so I was aware of all such norms. The wild symbol consists of Thor as the main character. And it had 243 winning combinations by which you can win money in it. I got all such related information and then started trying my hands on it. I selected the free play version of it. In this, I got some chances which I can play for free. I don’t want to lose money for my little fun. I started enjoying my time which I spent with it. In that flow, my free spins were emptied. So, for having some more fun I subscribed for the premium version. And I got full enjoyment in the time which I spend on it.

Lions Pride my Fun Friend

Last week it was my friend’s birthday. So my other friends and I decided to give him a surprise. So we make our team and each member have assigned a work. We decided to arrange the party in a park. We surprised him with our plan. We did a photography session. We enjoyed a lot with music and dancing. It was the memorable day for us. We enjoyed there about five hours. After the party, we come back to home. Nobody was at home. My daddy and mom went for a marriage party. I was getting bored at home so I decided to enjoy fun on internet. I found so many options there to enjoy. From the long list, I found a fun which is so attractive. It is a strategic type fun. I like most this type of fun. Also, it is free to play online. That is why it catches my attenuation to play it.

First I decided to watch its reviews. And as I guess it has a lot of hits. It is very easy to play lions pride. It has adventure based theme. So through the whole play you will enjoy a lot. In this, you have to find out the correct way to reach the destination. You can choose the options from its given menu. When I started it I found many symbols here which helps in winning. I found the wild symbol logo that gives the maximum bonus points. If there is a right combination of wild symbols on the reels you can win the jackpot. I tried for the jackpot but at that time I did not get success. But I won bonus points and some coins. And as the play was proceeding, my excitement started increasing for playing it more. Really it is the best one for me I have played ever in my life.

Now lions pride has become my fun friend in my boring time. I always play it when I get free time. I have shared this to my friends too on Facebook. They played it very well. And they praised me for giving such a game. Sometimes we collect a place and play lions pride. We enjoyed a lot. This gives us fun and a lot of prizes. It’s background sound catch attention of the player. So if you are bored with your work, enjoy it. I am sure you will forget to play any other.

The Winstones

Sometime you will be in surprising stage that why the developer of any thing would have thought to develop and design that one. I was in Australia for the purpose of business, during the day it was easy to pass off the day but after dark it was very hard for me. Sometimes I visited the casino but going to the place after the tiring day was not possible for me. So I asked my brother for any game which can be trusted. He suggested me to go for the play of The Winstones. I made the search of the entitled one and was surprised to see the result. I made the full download of the app and taken admission in the school of gambling. It was the entertaining one for me lying all alone in the hotel room which made me feel as if there was some band of drum which was making me to feel happy.

The Winstones is a five reel play with 30-lines which offers many levels of play to win. The main object of this one is match the symbols in the active reels from left to right. For many of the symbols you will have to match three of the same kind and for some you will have to match at least two same icons concurrently.

There are collections of wild and scattered symbols which are all over the screen which are very funny and interesting. After returning to home I also go for the ride of the pokie world and get many suggestions from my father about the tricks and strategy of the gambling.

The funniest symbols which I liked in this one is the logo of the wild symbol of dinosaur that is holding some stack of casino chips which can lead you to win the most. If you have any spare time then you should go for it.



Adventure land of Thousand Island

You will be surprised to know that some of the casinos have started to follow some dressing code according to the choice of the table you are going for. When I was in Indonesia I also observed this concept which was really interesting and totally different. But I am not in the habit of going to the casinos because most of the time I play it through online and enjoy it with some pasta salad. The contest which I really want to for is Thousand Island through my life which gives me the feel as if I am on cruise with the mood of festival. By the way I am very much fond of fishing and sometimes I go for it with my airboat with the accommodation cooking.

The game is featured with three reels and single line of pay and has been developed by microgaming. There are many symbols whose arrangement can give many rewards by making certain arrangement in the active lines. The symbols which are used in this are 7’s, bars, cherries, double bars and many more.

The graphics of this one is refreshing one and is themed with classical appearance and earthy color to give the natural view. The interface will give you the feel as if you are reached in the world of old 19th century. You can go with free play without paying anything to be sure whether it is going to please you or not. I was very much influenced by this one that I suggested my friend who works in animal hospital in Canada. Overall report of this one is awesome and the review of this one is posted in favor of this one which is the good for any gambling site or the contest. At the end of the day I was astonished to see that I got many rewards in terms of free spins and certain bonuses.




The trustworthy lucky nugget Slot Machines

If you search for the most trusted and most reliable name in the mobile casino industry then you will find Lucky Nugget on top of all. This is the most trusted name in this industry. They established it back in 1998 and now it consists of the most loyal players. This is the first one which was not based on the cards. This took a revolution in the industry of flash casinos and now it is not less than a brand. It is a brand name in him. I was not aware of these facts till I got a chance to face it for the first time. As a native citizen of Australia, I am very much aware of the gambling industry. This industry is grooming very fastly but which country you will call as the hub for all of these. That is United States of America. They are the one who gave this to the world till today Las Vegas is the city where gambling is the main business of every person.

I was in United States of America for spending my vacations there. I visited many cities like New York, Washington D.C etc. After that, I headed towards California where my plan was to visit Disneyland. That was my dream of the childhood of visiting there and I was excited because my dream was about to become true. I landed California a day before my visit and I decided to take rest in my hotel so I will go there with full freshness. After having a bath and taking lunch, I was relaxing on my bed. I decided to play some online games because I visit there as I got some free times. Instead of using Australia based application I decided to go with the American application. In my first search, I got Lucky Nugget as the first suggestion. I clicked on it and started reading the reviews. The viewer’s wrote many positive points regarding that. Instead of sign up on the site I decided to go for the instant play option. By this, I got 20 free spins for trying it. I got the bonus codes as the no deposit bonus of which I can make the bet. The playing rules was similar to those I tried previously so there was not any issue of confusion. I started spinning the machine and wait for the combinations to appear on the reels. Sometimes I was winning and sometimes losing the bet as such I utilized my whole free spins. I was enjoying a lot so I subscribed for the premium version of it. I won cash which was sufficient to fund my trip to Disneyland. I was very happy on that by playing such an amazing game.

The Fun of Lucky Eggsplorer Slots

Have you watched the movie Pirates of the Caribbean? I think you surely watched that movie and the character of jack sparrow acted by Johnny Depp are mostly loved by the audience. There are four parts of that movie and in every part they went on a voyage of exploring many wonderful things. There is lots of money used for the production of this movie and they earned a lot from it. I will not go in deep about it but after watching that movie we all fantasized for the similar kind of voyage where, there is the thrill, fun, excitement and full of action. Of course, that is just a movie it is not possible to fulfill in real life. There are many other movies released with a concept of a treasure hunt, but this is on top of all. I just loved watching all its parts again and again. I always wanted to go on a voyage of treasure hunt where I have to hunt the treasure by using some clues and the map which took me to the treasure. But, this is just a dream, which is not possible in the reality. But the casino is a place which is not less than a treasure hunt, here if you are lucky you can hit at a very big cash amount which will not less than a treasure for you.

I am a regular pokies player. I am not a professional in it but playing this is my favorite time pass. So, one sunny day I was trying my hands on these. I was playing various games and sometimes winning and sometimes losing the cash. When I was playing an advertisement appeared on the side of the web page. That was of a newly started game named as Lucky Eggsplorer. I finished my chance and after that clicked on that advertisement in the enthusiasm of something new. When I reached on that page and read the information wrote beneath the page my dream of treasure hunt started revolving in front of my eyes. That one was similar to the treasure hunting. In fact theme of it was based on the same motto. The symbols were also showing the same things that you have to hunt a lost treasure by using a secret map and following some clues. The payout was also showing the same thing, you will get 20 times your money after winning. It was very simple to play that so I also tried my hands on it. And would you believe in my first spin I activated the bonus round because 4 treasure maps appeared on the reels. I lost that round and next time was not able to reach there, but I got full thrill and enjoyment which I never forget.